Season 2018/2019

Finals 25.05.2019 – WE ARE SWISS CHAMPIONS!?

Zürich Lions vs. Wettingen Wild / 7:6

This was one of our most thrilling games ever. We started the game at 13:30 and after only three minutes of playing and a score of 1:1 we had to shut down due to a lightning. When we started playing again, we were absolutely ready and took every chance to score a goal. We made it up to a 6:2 score, but then the girls from Wettingen woke up: they shot 3 more goals! It was so incredibly exciting and we, and all the spectators, were very tense. Five minutes before the end of the game, the weather crossed our plans again: we hat to interrupt for another 30 minutes. Back on the field it was about everything. We fought like lions, but Wettingen scored the equaliser. It was only 1 minute left to play, when our Defender Jacinta could win the ball for the lions close to our goal. She sprinted directly to the other side of the field, trying to go to goal. Thanks to a foul committed by Wettingen, she got a Free Position in the eleven of them. We all have been on pins and needles but Jacinta coolly put the ball into net! This was our winning goal and led us to our first Swiss Champions title ever! We are very proud and happy about this achievement!

We want to say thank you to everyone who made this possible: Everyone from our awesome team! Of course our absolutely great coach Mike, we couldn’t have done this without him. All our fans supporting us on the sidelines, Wettingen for this spectacular and exciting game and Olten for organising this really cool and special Gameday.

Semifinals 18.05.2019

Zürich Lions vs. Bern Titans / 10:4

Under cloudy weather conditions, the Zurich Lions Ladies competed against the Bern Titan Ladies in the semi-finals. After a few minutes the Lions went 0:1 behind. The game was very balanced in the beginning, which was also evident in the score. After the first quarter, the score was 3:2. After the break the Lions found their way back into the game and did not allow any goals for a long time. With very good teamwork, we could cheer at the end and draw with a 10:4 victory into the finals! ?

Gameday 12.05.2019

Zürich Lions vs. Olten Saints / 15:3

Homegameday and a win! ? Today we played our last season game and everyone was doing really great. We had much fun playing a fair and challenging game against Olten Saints, thank you! We are ready for the semi-finals next Saturday ?

Gameday 04.05.2019

Zürich Lions vs. BSW Rebels / 16:6

On a wonderful rainy day in Bern we faced BSW Rebels? We were able to try out new things and finished with a win (16:6). Thanks to BSW Rebels for a fair game and Berne for hosting! 

Gameday 28.04.2019

Zürich Lions vs. Wolfpack / 13:7

Despite the cold and rainy weather we managed to stay warm and won 13:7 against team wolfpack. Thank you to wolfpack for this exciting game and also thank you Fribourg for organizing! We also wish Fitzi a good and speedy recovery for her knee!

Gameday 06.04.2019

Zürich Lions vs. Bern Titans / 10:3

In a challenging game in Olten the Zurich Lions Ladies win 10:3 against a very strong Berne. Hard work and teamwork pay off… A big thank you to Olten for the hospitality and also to the fans for the support from the sidelines! ? Go Lions!

Gameday 16.03.2019

Zürich Lions vs. Wettingen Wild / 3:7

The first gameday in 2019 startet pretty well. We could score three goals during the first two quarters and were leading the game 3:2. Our defense was very strong and our new defense system (backer zone defense) worked really well. Also the new offense system worked good for the first real game situation. In the end we were all very tired and Wettingen was able to overtake us, so they won the game with a 7:3 score. We now know what we still have to work on and are very motivated for the rest of the second half of the season!

Bern Open 2. & 3. March 2019

We made it to the 3rd place at Bern Open ??
A big thank you to everyone playing with us: Zurich Lions Ladies and our great pickup players from Olten, Wettingen and Riga. We also want to thank all other teams taking part and of course Bern Lacrosse for the great organization. 1, 2, 3 Züri Lions… ROAR!!

Gameday 27.10.2018

Zürich Lions vs. BSW Rebels / 19:2

Our last gameday in 2018 was really wet: it was raining cats & dogs in Chur, but we still managed to somehow stay warm over the 60 minutes game time. We ended up with a win (19:2) and were eager for the hot shower afterwards. It was a really fair and joyful game, eventhough it was cold and muddy.

Gameday 20.10.2018

Zürich Lions vs. Olten Saints / 16:6

We also made it to a victory in this game (16:6). We keep making improvements and new concepts are working out – what made a lot of fun to play with each other. We enjoyed the intense game really much!

Gameday 14.10.2018

Zürich Lions vs. Bern Titans / 14:4

Our really important game against Bern Titans took place in Zurich. We were all really motivated and had a new player, playing her first game with us. Laura, our main centre player won nearly every draw, what gave us much ball possesion. We could score many goals and our plays learned in practice could be implemented well. We worked really good as a team, and although one of our Defenders had to be brought to hospital (get well soon, Doro!), we had a successful day and could beat the Titans with 14:4.

Gameday 22.09.2018

Zürich Lions vs. Wettingen Wild / 5:19

Our second game took place in Olten and was hard and exhausting, but fun. Unfortunately we could not make it to the victory and lost the game 5:19.

Gameday 08.09.2018

Zürich Lions vs. BSW Rebels / 21:2

Our season 18/19 had perfectly started. We had a lot of fun playing our first game of the new season against BSW Rebels. The weather was really nice and we travelled to Basel with 15 girls. In the absence of our Goalie Vera, Gwen took the opportunity to be our goalkeeper for this day – and she did a great job! We all played really good as a team and could score many goals. We won the game with 21:2 and were very happy!